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What is coding?

When systems traders mention coding, they are referring to writing code for their trading software.

Trading software is specialized and it is recognized that users will want to make changes to the coding by introducing new systems or making amendments to rules and parameters of existing systems.

The most direct way of doing this would be to change the coding of the program. If the program is written in C++ then you have to know this language, of course if you propose to alter the coding.

Working at this level is difficult for users of the software because they need to be proficient programmers and this is asking a lot. For this reason, good software makes provision for changes that does not require a deep knowledge of the programs or language.

This can be done, for example by providing a high level ‘pseudo code’ language or other ‘parameter driven’ ways which do not involve any coding at all.

Trading software that makes the task of changing systems easy, offers very important advantages:


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