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".... I helped David develop the initial curriculum and keep hearing good things about it from those who have taken the course."

          - Curtis Faith, most successful of the legendary 'Turtle Traders.'

Learn to Trade Like the Minority of Winning Traders With the Modus Trading Course

     Hello, I'm David Bromley. Do you envy the ease with which some traders seem to enjoy consistent success without appearing to think too hard about it?

Are you wondering how you can make the most of your available resources and emulate the success of the few?

     That's exactly how I can help you.

The Modus Commodity Trading Course

     This home-study course teaches you a clear, step-by-step method which guarantees you employ the same strategy as the winning system traders, automatically!

     The course is ideal for you if you are planning to launch your trading career and want to be certain to get started the right way or if you are already trading and want to make sure you are on track to succeed.

I purchased the Modus course based on the writings at the Roundtable Forum. It's a great course and I'm glad I can now join the ranks of the positive reviewers . The course is of very high quality, from the material (binder, full color printouts etc) to the actual information contained.

Highly recommended. Even if you're not new to trading (but new to trading a mechanical system).

-- Torbjorn B


Join the swelling ranks of delighted Modus students and discover for yourself:

   Which markets are most suitable for you – and which you should avoid!

   How your own personality determines the way you are most likely to succeed.

   How to select a suitable trading system – that answers the vital questions: What to trade? When? How? How Much? When to Exit Winning Trades & When to Cut Losses?

   The way professionals evaluate potential systems – and select the one most likely to achieve their goals.

   The biggest mistake nearly all traders make – and how to avoid it.

   How to squeeze the maximum reward from your system – and stay ‘alive’ long enough to see it!

   What system sellers don’t want you to know about their systems – and how to avoid being caught by self-serving opportunists.

   What to do once you have decided on your trading strategy to turn your thorough research into real-time profits.


Dear David,

For several years I have been learning about trend following and systems trading. I have always gotten to the part where you are to write formulas to test your system. That is where it always ended for me.

Your course, along with the software, has finally bridged that gap. It is the missing link between systems theory and practical application.

Thanks Again.

-- Gary M



More than just reading, YOU take part in the course!

     The Modus Course includes a specially designed version of the acclaimed Trading Blox system testing and trading software called the Trading Blox System Tester which allows you to run all the tests and examples used in the course.

     In addition to this practical involvement, you can also experiment with some of your own ideas using your own, personal circumstances like available capital and attitude to risk.


YOU Run the Tests

     The special version of the powerful Trading Blox testing software allows you to understand how professional traders evaluate their ideas.

     Just 'point and click' to experiment with some ideas of your own and see extensive results in seconds.

     Use your own capital balance and see the effects of taking more or less risk to achieve your personal trading goals.



YOU Analyze the results

     View an extensive range of reports and graphs to fully understand the effects of making changes to simple trading systems.

     The Modus Course ‘walks you through’ the process of running tests and gaining the most value from the output.



YOU Review the Trades

     A vital part of successful trading is understanding the behavior of your trading system.

     ‘Lift the lid’ on the test by examining individual trades . How the winners contribute to the profits and how the threat from the losers can be managed.



I've spent thousands trying to find something like this.

Wish I'd found it sooner .... I believe I now have every chance of being successful as a trader. Was blind but now I see!!!

Thanks for putting the course together & sharing the modus method with novices like me!

-- Kevin S
Nottingham, UK.



In case you're wondering, some Frequently Asked Questions ....

Q “Is the Modus Method a trading system?”

     No. The truth is, a set of entry and exit rules capable of producing a profit is pretty easy to find. In fact, many people create their own rules with very little difficulty.

     Where most traders go wrong is by simply adopting and using a trading system they have either bought or picked up without thoroughly evaluating it. This leads to almost certain failure.

     The Modus Method which is taught by the Modus Course allows you to take any idea or set of trading rules and subject them to the kind of rigorous evaluation a professional trader would apply – just by following the step-by-step process in the course.

     Once you’ve done this, you’ll know if the system really stands up to scrutiny – and most importantly, if YOU are likely to be successful trading it.

     Some simple trading systems are included in the course software for testing (the fact they’re simple doesn’t mean they’re not perfectly capable of making large profits!). Also, the course provides advice on how to access plenty more systems and ideas for you to evaluate using your newly acquired knowledge.

Q “When I’ve finished the course, am I on my own or do you provide any further help?”

     We’re here to help. As well as priding ourselves on our speedy and helpful attention to any operational issues, we are always happy to explain anything you are not sure about in the course itself. As things progress, we are also pleased to direct you to other useful resources we trust and know you will find valuable.

Q “Does the Modus Method only apply to futures?”

     The examples are aimed specifically at commodity futures but much of what we call ‘best trading practice’ is equally applicable across all instruments like stocks and Forex.

Q “I trade a short term system. Will the Modus Course help me?”

     Yes, the principles of good trading apply irrespective of whether you plan to trade a short term swing system, a counter-trend system or a longer term trend-following system.

Q “What is the Trading Blox System Tester software included in the course?”

     Trading Blox is a powerful and sophisticated system testing and trading application designed and produced by professional traders. The Trading Blox System Tester included in the Modus Course is a specially designed version of the software which allows you to run all the examples in the course as well as exploring some of your own ideas.

Q “How much time is needed to trade using the Modus Method?”

     Very little indeed. If you decide to trade using end-of-day prices as many successful traders do, your actual trading time can be as little as a few minutes per day.

     Most serious traders spend most of their time on researching new ideas and improving their strategy rather than actually placing trades.

Q “How much capital do I need to trade the Modus Method?”

     It’s difficult to put a firm figure on because it depends upon the trading style you intend to employ but it’s true to say that the more capital you have, the less risk you need to take. This is partly because a larger account allows you to monitor and trade more markets which increases the diversification of your portfolio and partly because the more markets you include in your tests, the more reliable your test results.

     One of the advantages of taking the course is the ability to test first-hand the implications of trading your particular account.

Q “What’s the difference between the Modus Commodity Trading Course and the Modus System Builder Course?”

     The Modus Commodity Trading Course (the course on this page) teaches the Modus Method which is a step-by-step process that guarantees you employ the same strategy as successful system traders. It is suitable for new traders or existing traders who want to be sure they’re on the right track.

     The Modus System Builder Course helps traders generate ideas for creating their own trading systems. Although it’s certainly not essential, we recommend students take the Modus Commodity Trading Course first.

Existing Trading Blox users click here for special information.



Without question, the best educational investment I've made as a beginning trader.

-- Rick M


  When you purchase the
Modus Commodity Trading Course
- here’s what you’ll get …

High Quality Home Study Course

The Modus Method is a step-by-step procedure which makes sure you follow 'best trading practice' automatically.

The Trading Blox System Tester

A specially designed version of this powerful and sophisticated system testing & trading software.


Our special spreadsheet model which allows you to create 'heat-maps' of multiple test results to easily identify the system's potential.


Hello David and Modus Trading,

I would like to truly thank you for offering and sharing your expertise since your course has truly speeded up and smoothed out my ongoing trading education. The ideas and logical approach in its teaching have greatly helped me fill many missing gaps.

Thank you always,

-- James I



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     If you have any questions about the Modus Course which we haven’t answered above, please email me. I’ll be pleased to hear from you.

     To Your Success!

-- David Bromley

P.S. – This course is unique. Rather than ask you to sit and read page after page and then tell you to take my word for it, you're invited to run all your own tests and check everything we say. I'm sure you'll join the delighted Modus students after taking the Modus Course.
And you can order it here right now.

P.P.S. – This is a ‘no-lose’ trade. You can ask for a full refund if you feel you made a mistake with your purchase within a year.


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