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The Great 'Turtle' Experiment

I'll tell you what was really revealed
- and how you can take advantage.

    Twenty years ago, legendary commodities trader Richard Dennis and his partner Bill Eckhardt had argued a great deal about whether trading could be taught. Dennis said he was certain it could but Eckhardt insisted that good traders were born, not made.

    They concluded there was only one way to find out – they would recruit a bunch of aspiring traders, teach them and put them to work.

    So they did - and the Turtles, as these trainees were called, did outstandingly well. The rest, as they say, is history.

    But what was the effect of this experiment?

    Actually, the effect was mixed. On the up-side, the success of these 'rookie traders' encouraged individuals to take an interest in systems trading which had hitherto been the exclusive province of the professionals. But the down-side was that most new traders got the wrong idea about how to emulate the success of the Turtles.

"How You Can Discover the Real Secret Revealed by the Turtle Experiment"

    Make no mistake - systems trading is the only way the individual can compete in the commodities markets today.

    But what separates the winners from the losers is a little extra knowledge.

So I have produced a 3 part report 'The Secret of Systems Trading'

How a Small Group of Traders Make Millions at the expense of the Losing Majority.


Some of what you will learn ....

"My FREE 3 Part Report gets you started
straight away by Email"

    I want to assure you ...

    Most free information I've seen turns out to be disappointing, lacking any real substance and often simply a badly disguised sales pitch - this is different. I compiled this 3 part report to be of value to you whatever action you decide to take next.

    Just enter your First Name and Primary Email address below to get on the fast-track to Systems Trading Success now:

    You will receive the first part today - I'm confident you'll enjoy reading it and find the information valuable.


David Bromley.


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Who is David Bromley?
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David Bromley helps traders develop a personal strategy for success with clear, easy to follow advice and software produced by professional traders.

Prior to joining US Hedge Fund Galt Capital, he developed a complete trading strategy testing harness which he used to develop and implement his own proprietary investment strategies.

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