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Are the best trading systems
reserved for the ‘in crowd?’

Until recently, the answer was probably yes
– so what’s changed?

The truth is – all the profits made each day in the markets go to the professional systems traders.

And professional traders know one thing for sure,

However good your systems, they will eventually lose their edge so they need to be regularly refreshed and even replaced from time to time.

Until recently, the chances of the individual trader getting a slice of the profits have been very slim – but not any more.

So where do the ideas for these new winning systems come from?

Read on and I’ll tell you how you can do what the professional traders do.


Letter from David Bromley,
Trader and Trading Research Analyst



     Many aspiring systems traders are surprised to learn that simple trading systems in the public domain are capable of making decent profits if traded properly.

In truth, it’s more about the way you trade than the actual system you use.

As long as you are using system-testing software of an adequate standard (by the way, most of it isn’t), you’ll quite possibly find a pretty simple way to show a reasonable return over a number of years just by employing a simple trend following system.

But the real profits are enjoyed by the traders who go a little further.

    The power of compounding annual returns is remarkable. Just by improving the performance of your simple system a tiny bit by introducing some new idea, the amount of money it generates over a few years of trading can be enormous.

Okay, I hear you saying, this sounds fine but how on earth do I keep thinking up new ideas?

Well, this is not the sole province of the professional system designer. In fact, like almost everything, there is a methodical way to approach this task which makes it simple once you know what it is.

The truth is, successful system builders
have certain things in common.

Sure, they all possess powerful software to test their ideas but the most sophisticated testing engine in the world is useless without the knowledge of how to generate entry and exit ideas in the first place and how to evaluate them.

Until recently, there has been little point in thinking about how to pass on the techniques of the most successful systems traders because the software has not existed to enable those who do not wish to embark upon a long and complicated journey of programming to operate those techniques.

The advent of Trading Blox has changed all this.

Trading Blox is unique. It fills the gap between the ‘indicator-frenzy’ and the ‘complex.’

The indicator frenzy refers to the type of trading software which looks impressive with fancy graphics and an almost overwhelming choice of indicators but which is restricted by its ability to test only one market at a time – making it all but useless as a serious system testing tool

At the other end of the software spectrum is the complex. This is the kind of testing platform which is capable of acting as a serious system evaluation tool but which requires a great deal of technical expertise on the part of the user.

Trading Blox is designed and produced by traders, for traders and has all the ‘real world’ trading experience of its designers built in but is simple and user-friendly.

With this breakthrough Trading Blox system testing software providing the ‘how to do it’ answers, I have created a simple 9 stage method to explain the ‘what to do’ of system creation.


When you purchase the The Modus System Builder Course -

here’s what you’ll get ….




And here’s what you’ll learn ….


Be sure of this – The System Builder Course is not a coding tutorial - it is designed to teach the vital foundation to systems design and what you learn can be utilized in a sophisticated testing software framework, created by professional traders – and often without the need for any programming.

If you are comfortable writing code (some traders are) you can use The System Builder Course procedure in conjunction with the super flexible Trading Blox Builder version which allows you to create an infinite range of ideas from the tiniest indicator to a major position sizing algorithm.

The same software can be used to run the system live for placing orders in the markets you plan to trade. The familiarity you have gained by working through the System Builder Course will make it a breeze to run Trading Blox in your daily trading. Furthermore, your evaluation will enable you to make the correct decision about which full version of Trading Blox is most appropriate for you to use in your live trading.


Who is The Modus System Builder Course for?


If you …

The Modus System Builder Course is for you.


However good they are, all systems eventually lose their effectiveness. The markets get used to any system sooner or later. Don’t let this concern you because you can create your own continuing supply of new system rules – easily and quickly.

With my step by step method you will realise that you can unlock your own hidden ideas, that you did not know were there. Furthermore you can test your ideas with trading software of the highest quality and performance.

You can learn all of this in my System Builder Course, which includes the software you need to do all of the work in the course, plus your own experiments.

Exploit the power of software produced by successful professional traders by putting the know-how into it.

Learn how to develop a continuing stream
of ideas that you can test for yourself
- easily and quickly.

Start putting your systems ideas into practice straight away. Armed with a way of producing your own ideas you can convert these into testable rules – easily and quickly.

Use the MODUS Ideas mining method to come up with YOUR OWN system rules that you can try out straight away.

The biggest reserve of untapped ideas is within you. You can dig these out with the right method. The MODUS method for Mining Ideas will show you how to create your own system rules. You will know that nobody else is using exactly the same rules as you.

What is more, you will be able to assess how good these rules might be - by testing them with the same high quality trading software that professional traders use.

So to get started building your own, unique trading system, just place your order here. We’ll process your credit card with $497 (plus $35 shipping and handling) and dispatch your Modus System Builder Course immediately.


What if you think you’ve made a mistake?…

First of all, I genuinely believe you will be delighted with the Modus System Builder Course but I am realistic enough to know that you might still be a little concerned - after all, most of what is on offer is disappointing at best and misleading at worst.

Such is my confidence and my experience with many happy purchasers, I have no hesitation in offering you a full refund if within 12 months you tell me you are not satisfied with your purchase. I’ll do this cheerfully and ask no questions.


Order The Modus System Builder Course
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Regards and good trading,

David Bromley.


P.S. – If you came to this web site looking for information on how to create and build your own Trading System this course is for you. My extensive research of the subject has uncovered no such item which is why I produced what I needed when I started out. And you can
order it here
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