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"Systems traders are light on their feet, ready to jump in at any moment
to sort out whatever problem might arise in their daily trading."

Don't you believe it!

Systems traders delegate their day-to-day live trading to their computers to be run without interference. That is the foundation on which system trading rests.

To be able to delegate in this fashion, requires a complete system and one with which you feel totally comfortable. The confidence needed to get to this position can only be built by close familiarity with the way your system operates.

As a systems trader, you know why you have to get to this deep level of
understanding your system and why it is necessary for you to stay out of the routine daily operation.

In producing a complete, thoroughly evaluated system, your tests had to deal with every circumstance that arose throughout the period covered.

You know that to interfere with your live trading in an ad-hoc manner would spell disaster and go against everything a systems trader believes.

Systems traders are not ready to intervene in their trading at any time - the complete opposite is the truth. The very idea of interfering would be the system trader's worst nightmare.

Systems traders spend the majority of their time on research to improve their methods and develop new trading ideas.

The methods used by these professionals are the key to their continuing success in the futures markets.


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