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Creating Trading Systems

"You can produce and code
your own systems if you want to."

Creating your own system rules is not difficult.

If you are interested in doing this, be reassured because software is now available that takes all the programming difficulty out of the task.

Most traders are attracted by the prospect of producing their own unique systems but until recently, there has been a big barrier standing in the way of this.

Unless their trading software is designed to facilitate rule variation, it’s likely they will be put off by the difficulty of amending, testing and debugging code. Who could blame them?

So, what have software producers been doing to make rule variation easy?

Two things:

1. Removing the need for coding altogether. This is achieved by using standard modules dealing with entering and exiting the market plus procedures for adding the required management modules to make a complete ready-to-run system.

2. Enabling creation of self coded modules in high level language. Modules you create can then be used in the same interchangeable way as standard modules, to produce complete systems.

Using this approach, all of the major programming work is done and never needs to be touched. Any necessary debugging is confined to any modules that have been changed.

This type of new generation trading software tackles the things that matter most to traders - the ability to alter system rules easily and accurately.

Admittedly, there is some creative skill in coming up with ideas for new system rules but too much emphasis is placed on this. Anyone who is keen to produce his very own rules can do so. The major part of the battle is to get help with making a start.

There is now at least one course that teaches how to go about creating your own systems and implement them with new generation trading software.

Yes, if you want to, you can produce your own unique systems.


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